Casella Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump

Casella Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump

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Whatever media you’re using you can be assured that the Casella Apex2 personal sampling pump has the power to handle any personal monitoring regime. Optimised at around 2l/min, the flow at which most Occupational Hygiene measurements are made, the Apex2 personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability. Comes as a kit including pump, charger and kit case. Also available as a 5-Way Kit with 5 pumps, charger and kit case.

The pump is available in 3 versions: Std, Plus and Pro with the following key features:

                                                               STD     PLUS     PRO
Intrinsically Safe                                *             *            *
Motion Sensor                                     *             *            *
Bluetooth                                                               *            *
PC Download                                                        *            *
Inlet Pressure Sensing                                      *            *
Run Duration Timer                                           *            *
Fully Programmable Timers                                         *
Logging of Flow & Motion                                              *

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