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Stantron is dedicated to provide client with the best examples of advanced products from  industry leading manufacturers including Hamamatsu, NF, Casella Solutions and Fairmount. These include Optical Devices, Test & Measurement equipment as well as Environmental & Occupational Monitoring equipment.

All products carry manufacturers’ warranties backed by Stantron‘s reputation for dedicated customer service and support since 1995.


Optical Sensors & Components

Hamamatsu’s products are widely used in areas such as life science, optical networks, automotive and environmental measurement. Products are available for various applications including: Computer Radiography, PET Scanning, Immunological Testing, Laser Scanning Microscopy, Gas Analysis, Water Quality Inspection, RAMAN Spectrophotometry, LiDAR, Laser Range Finders, Colour  Measurement and Quantum Technology among others.

Precision Test & Measurement

NF’s small are deployed in the development of medical equipment such as MRI and MEG. Also the measurement of weak biological signals. NF’s Amps/Pre-Amps are used for ulra small signal measurements in high level research fields such as nanotechnolgy. High precision measurement of frequency response such as servo characteristics can be made using NF’s Frequency Response Analyser. Low noise DC power supplies as well as high precision programmable AC/DC power supplies are available to suit many applications.

Occupational & Environmental Monitoring

Casella Solution’s products are used extensively in the workplace and environmental monitoring. For the workplace this includes sound level meters, noise dosimeters and real-time dust monitors. Area and boundary monitoring instruments are also available. These are use at the fence line such as constructions and mining to monitor emissions from the site. It monitor limits for noise, particulate (such as PM10) and vibration to ensure compliance. Additionally, Stantron supply a range of Sunshine weather cards from Fairmount Weather Systems. 

Fundamental Research & Development

Many of the products that Stantron sell from suppliers such as Hamamatsu and NF. Those products are used in advanced research around the world. These manufacturers are relied upon to provide very high precision and high quality components to facilitate fundamental R&D. Examples include the use of Hamamatsu’s advanced image sensors and Photomultiplier tubes in aerospace applications. NF’s low noise multi channel amplifiers used in the field of quantum computing etc.